Platform Development & Transformation.

We help brands go from analog to digital. We do it all in-house from the west coast.

We’re a design, digital and development agency stationed out of Vancouver, Canada. We keep our product development talent pool high and our overhead low for clients.

We make sure your digital platform is optimized to create the best user experience.

We treat your platform as a sales funnel. If it’s not converting then it’s not performing. No matter the industry you’re in, having a website or mobile application created for your business can be the start to unlocking your hidden potential. Be it customer-focused or for internal use, a well-crafted platform can streamline your business processes, enabling you to severely outmatch your competitors. Our process starts with understanding your core business needs and creating an actionable 3-pronged strategy: design, develop, and deploy.

Services Include:

  • Platform Auditing
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Custom Experience (CX) Design
  • Analytics & Data Tracking
  • App Development
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Platform On-Going Maintenance
  • Platform Auditing
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Custom Experience (CX) Design
  • Analytics & Data Tracking
  • App Development
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Platform On-Going Maintenance

Architecture + Customer Experience (CX) Design Is Our Speciality.

We are builders by trait but planners by heart. We are not trying to compete on how fast we build platforms. We fix pain points for your customers and your team. Through customer experience (cx) design, we focus on improving all interactions and touchpoints that surround a user. This involves all interactions from the first engagement with a brand up to the stage of retention. As a result, our objectives are a little different than other website agencies with our clients. We want to make sure to leave you with a sustainable platform and not just another quick fix freelance tool.

Our Case Studies

We have created platforms for startups, charities and public traded companies. We build each platform like it's our own and create a conversion-focused website that transforms your web presence. Click on one of our case studies below to learn about how we provide a tailored solution to all our clients.

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What To Expect In A Platform Transformation With Analog + Digital.

UI/UX Workshop

When it comes to launching a platform transformation, we believe It's all about bridging emotions with logic. All our user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) workshops begin with understanding your customers' psychographics and demographic information. Next, we work with you to build your user experience by selecting your new user interface (UI) framework and wireframe that will convert users into customers. After we are all in agreeance, we get to work and start bringing your platform to life.

Architecture Planning

We like to believe building a digital platform is just like building a home. It's important to start with a good foundation and plan for what will come in the future. A solid foundation involves creating a platform where you don't have to recreate a new product every time you make an adjustment. During our platform transformation process, we will work with you to create future business goals to keep maintenance costs low and conversions high.

Project Planning

Whether it's WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, React, Vue JS, HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, custom script building, or custom animations, we project plan before we begin. At Analog + Digital, we follow agile project planning philosophy and work in 2-weeks sprints on all builds. This way, you know exactly what we are doing and know what to expect before we begin. With close to 50 websites built each year, we take pride in our sprit planning process to keep things moving seamlessly.

Ready To Build? Here's What Our Process With You Looks Like.

No matter what your idea, we have a process in mind. The steps below describe what’s important for us and what we believe makes a solid basis for effective collaboration for your new platform.

Step One: Internal Audit

Step One

Internal Audit

We sit with your team to understand the current pain points of your business and brand. The goal of this process is to make sure we understand your business and to make sure we are aligned with what your team likes and dislikes before we get to work.

Step Two: Branding + UI/UX

Step Two

Branding + UI/UX

A good User Interface is important as it can turn potential visitors into buyers as it facilitates interactions between the user and your website or web application. Our goal is to make sure the user experience of the website is seamless and simple to explore. We work with your team to understand the current process and design a user interface that will convert.

Step Three: Product Development

Step Three

Product Development

Our goal with product development is to make sure we put in a strong foundation for your brand so your product is not only future proof but is also low maintenance. Unlike other agencies, our team works in two weeks sprints and iterates the process from day one to cause no delays. That way you have more time to suggest changes.

Step Four: Data & Integrations

Step Four

Data & Integrations

We believe without data you don’t have a functioning product. With all our projects, we make sure to integrate as many data points as your team can track. All our products are integrated with google analytics, heat mapping, pixel integration and tracking to make sure you can capture your next customer as they visit.

We Don't Just Stop There!

To save costs for the future, we make sure to do a quality & assurance audit on your product before it leaves our hands. Our process includes looking at all the code, testing on multiple devices and, watching load times. Not enough? We also provide one month of iterations post-completion just in case any issues come up. Our team also provides ongoing maintenance services if needed.

On-Going Support

We don't just stop once your platform goes live. We love to eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website. At Analog Digital, we make sure to keep your website secure, up-to-date, and effective for your customers to keep visiting. As a part of our ongoing support services, your company receives regular updates, tech support, website maintenance and a promised turnaround time.

Design & Development

From company websites to campaign landing pages and even e-commerce platforms, our designers and developers will make sure your websites don't just look pretty but they convert. Whether it's WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, React, Vue JS, HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, custom script building, or custom animations, we have a portfolio for it. With over 50 websites a year under our belt, we can make sure your business keeps growing through your digital platform.

Eco-Friendly Hosting

Our Canadian data centres are powered by hydroelectricity: a clean, sustainable source of energy. On top of this, your data gets stored on Solid State Drives, which use a fraction of the power needed by traditional mechanical storage. Our servers are also temperature-controlled by outside air and water cooling technology, not energy intensive air conditioning. We allow all our web clients to let their visitors know that they care about the environment with their own eco-friendly badge.

Mobile Responsive Platforms

Need to optimize your website for mobile devices? We build all our platforms with a mobile-first mentality. We do this by making sure to check your new platform looks great and works optimally on any mobile device. We don't just stop there. We also test large screens, desktop versions and use Blisk side-by-side to make sure your new website is responsive and future proof on every single platform your customers can reach you.

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