Strathcona BIA

Strathcona BIA is one of 22 Business Improvement Associations in the City of Vancouver. They represent over 850 commercial business and property owners across 44 city square blocks.

About The Client

Industry: Business Improvement, Digital Transformation

The Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA) represents over 435 commercial business, 400 property owners and 6500+ employees across 44 city square blocks from Gore Avenue in the west, Clark Drive in the East, Railway Street in the North and Venables Street to the south.

The SBIA works to make sure businesses have a voice in a wide range of issues that affect them, from taxation to safety and sanitation. From the changing outlook of a global pandemic in 2020, were invited in 2020 to extend the voice of the whole neighbourhood through digital and content creation.

Step One

Digital + Content Workshop

We ran through with a digital workshop to better understand the Strathcona neighbourhood's digital footprint and the current pains of business owners in the neighbourhood. We also explored with the team what tools, content and information should be placed on the website to help visitors of the neighbourhood to get a better understanding on what makes Strathcona different from other business districts.

Step Two

Digital Audit + Content Strategy

We looked at all existing website traffic data and the branding strategy (provided by Will Creative) to create a case for how Strathcona can stand out from other neighbourhoods not just through the services they provide but by what value the website and social platforms can provide for both business owners and visitors. As a result, we emphasized the importance of creating a map based business directory of all the businesses in the neighbourhood, a full guide on services provided by the BIA, a content series introducing business owners in the district and search result optimization for search terms including "Strathcona".

Step Three

A Whole New Digital Neighbourhood

We decided to create a new platform where not only could visitors learn more about Strathcona and what makes them different from other neighbourhoods but also created a map directory where 400+ businesses can now have an additional backlink to help them get found. We also worked with small business owners + the SBIA team to create a video series explaining what makes Strathcona different for business from other districts.

The Results

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