Aspire Learning Academy

Increase in Organic Traffic
in Google Map Pack for Competitive keywords
New Google My Business Rating

About The Client

Industry: Small Business, Education

Aspire Learning Academy is an educational learning centre in West Vancouver, specializing in Singapore Math and English tutoring services for middle and high school students.

The Problem

Aspire Learning Academy was in the process of transitioning into an online scheduling platform at the beginning of 2020 to make it easier for parents to enroll students in their Singapore Math program.

Around this time, COVID-19 hit and left parents skeptical about enrolling their children in in-person classes taught by Aspire Learning Academy.

Aspire Learning Academy adapted quickly and made a quick decision to transition into online lessons. Aspire Learning Academy, working with members of Analog-Digital, sought to increase their organic traffic and get more parents aware of Aspire Learning Academy and their online offerings.

Step One

An SEO audit to uncover what's wrong.

Analog Digital started with a full SEO audit to determine the gaps in SEO on the Aspire Learning Academy website. Our Full SEO Audit analyzed each page of the website to check on-page SEO elements such as headers and quality of web copy.

We also took a look at the technical aspects of the site such as site speed, crawlability, mobile responsiveness and other technical SEO factors to determine the root cause of their poor rankings on key terms.

Additionally, we analyzed the local SEO of Aspire Learning Academy to determine where they are ranking in the Map Pack for targeted keywords.

Step Two

SEO execution with a plan.

Our full SEO audit uncovered insights that help us further optimize the site. Throughout the next 2 months, we optimized the site by focusing on targeted keywords for each page and merging pages to prevent keyword cannibalization from occurring.

At the same time, we optimized the site further by improving their page speed and fixing the technical issues on the site such as broken links and duplicate content issues.

In the next few months, we also optimized their Google My Business listing by merging their 2 business listings and kickstarting a review campaign to improve their local SEO.

Step Three

Traffic in all the right pages.

Aspire Learning Academy saw a 53% increase in Organic Traffic the month after we implemented our recommendations. By targeting a specific keyword on each, we were able to increase our organic rankings and see a bump in parents visiting the website.

Additionally, the optimization done in Google My Business saw an increase in their average ranking from 4.3 to 4.7. The additional 3 reviews from our review campaign also indirectly caused a negative review that was previously highlighted to be pushed down by the experiences of other happy parents.

Moreover, they also saw 30.1% increase in overall impressions in Google Maps as they are not prominently featured in the map pack and the knowledge graph with our continuous optimization. This results in Google My Business now accounting for 25% of their organic traffic.

Quick Stats

Increase in Organic Traffic

Within 2 months after implementation, monthly organic traffic spiked up by 53% compared to the month prior.

Google Map Rankings for competitive keywords.

We optimized their Google My Business listing and outranked national brands such as Kumon and Sylvan Learning.

Google Rankings

Our review campaign bumped their Google My Business Rankings up a notch. They’re now

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